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201jah Explains the Importance of Focus, Perseverance, and Self-Reliance for Hip-Hop Artists

Hip-hop star 201jah knows that building a successful music career starts with crafting the right mindset and lifestyle. He maintains an uncompromising outlook on life, music, personal relationships, and success, and he feels that this perspective can benefit many aspiring or novice artists looking to strengthen their careers. 

Keep your goals always in view. Focus on what needs to be done. 

201jah attributes his musical success, financial prosperity, and even his physical fitness to an acute sense of focus. He stresses the importance of “keeping the goalposts ahead of you.” Make a solid plan to reach your goals and stick to it. If any choice or opportunity should cause you to stray from the clearest path to your success, consider it carefully before proceeding.

Track your progress, set measurable goals, and always check your metrics. If you aren’t reaching your goals, figure out why and reevaluate your approach. You may need to put more time, research, and work into effective marketing. Mastering the art of social media can help almost anyone grow their following and expand their reach.

Surround yourself with the right people. 

Stick with people that lift you up and support you; distance yourself from people that tear you (or your pursuits) down. 201jah knows that confidence is king in the music industry, and according to him, people who work to destroy your confidence deserve none of your energy or attention.

Find and connect with other artists and creatives. 201jah feels that this was one of the most important and formative aspects of his development as an artist. “When I was in college, I met and worked with a lot of creative people,” he recalls. “They opened my eyes to new possibilities and helped me get started doing my own thing.” Practice, collaboration, mutual improvement; simply put, there’s a lot you can learn and benefit from working with other artists. 

Trust no one but oneself.

When you’re trying to make something of yourself – and especially when you’re succeeding – people express envy in a wide variety of ways. One of the most common, as 201jah found out the hard way, is talking about you behind your back or attempting to use you for your success. “When people see you have something they try to take advantage,” he writes in a tweet from 2020. 

No complaints. Work harder.

201jah exhibits an almost stoic sense of perseverance in his perspective on his own success and on his dealings with the world. His Twitter and Instagram pages are full of aphorisms and philosophical musings that showcase his resolute worldview. These ideas are often in praise of hard work and show contempt for torpor and irresponsibility. 201jah worked hard to get where he is, and he’s proud of it; he feels that hard work shaped him into the strong person and performer he’s become. He believes that dedication is a virtue that should be pursued by every artist.

201jah has often expressed his disdain for empty complaints in place of perseverance. He feels that it’s a matter of accepting the unfortunate truth that the world at large is a callous place. Whenever the world throws him a curveball, it pushes him to work harder towards his goals. As he succinctly captures in an Instagram caption, “Only thing gon take that pain away is if you get racks.”

Take pride in your work and accomplishments.

With a total number of streams approaching nine digits, 201jah has a lot to show for his hard work. With an enduring commitment to focus and perseverance, he’s on track to exceed his goals and start topping the charts in no time.






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