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Cancer Free Recipe Examines Whole Foods Plant Based Diets Vs. Traditional Treatment

In Cancer Free Recipe, we pick up where Walking Points left off to answer specific questions: is a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet the answer to preventing cancer? Can a WFPB diet reverse the disease? Why do we know so little about it?

Cancer Detecting Dogs

From Gatineau, Canada, Glenn Ferguson trained four dogs to detect cancer through a breath test. Glenn’s dogs—Indie, Romeo, Buster, and Jenkins, have proven to detect cancer at stages 1 and 2 when in a pre-cancerous state. No technological device in the medical community can detect cancer this early. 

Growing up with dogs from a young age, I didn’t need a lot of convincing that dogs could smell this deadly disease. What I hadn’t realized was the powerful program Glenn Ferguson had started. Not only was he doing something completely unprecedented in training his dogs to detect cancer, but he was also trying to save lives through a WFPB diet. 

John’s Story

John Rose is a 30-year career U.S. Army officer and Vietnam War Veteran and has seen his share of medical challenges. But in 2007, John experienced the biggest medical challenge in his life. He had a tumor on his pancreas. A surgical procedure known as a “Whipple” removed the growth, but as luck would have it, he ended up hospitalized 17 times over a 10-year period stemming from complications from the surgery.

On top of that, John is diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus, an early pre-cancerous condition of the esophagus. Working with doctors from Johns Hopkins University, he becomes increasingly frustrated and feels helpless.

That was until a conversation with Glenn, who alerted him to the value in food choices may have on health. This led to Glenn sharing what he knew about the WFPB diet, including the fact that a study suggested that freeze-dried strawberry powder can possibly stop and reverse the precancerous Barrett’s disease.

Renewed Hope

After consulting with Dr. Ron Weiss, a Primary Care Physician and Botanist, who owns an organic farm in New Jersey, and Dr. Neal Barnard of the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, D.C., John had renewed hope.

Switching from an American diet that included meat, fish, chicken, and dairy products, John goes completely vegan. He eliminated all dairy and animal products and eliminated as much added salt, oil, and sugar from his diet as possible. After a couple of years, we check back in with John to see if the WFPB diet has had any impact. 

Filmmaker, Christina Rose

On our first day of filming with Glenn, I was immediately convinced that there was something to the WFPB diet. I stopped eating animal and dairy products in May of 2015. Immediately I felt the benefits of the WFPB diet in my overall health. I lost weight, slept better, and had more energy.

It is one thing choosing to change my lifestyle and diet based on my research while filming Walking Points, but it was a completely different task trying to convince my parents to change their diet.

I convinced them to take Glenn’s test, and they both tested positive twice by his dogs. I had captured their attention. But, would they believe me? That meant convincing them to think about food entirely differently than they were accustomed to. Both my parents were over 70 at the time and luckily were open and willing to try a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet.

I am convinced that there is something to this WFPB business that I need to share. I am not waiting for a medical doctor to tell me that I have cancer when evidence suggests we can beat it before it happens. 

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