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Diamond Banc: Turn your jewelry into cash within 24 hours!

When you have a lot of jewelry or luxury accessories, it can take up a lot of space. Some of your pieces may not hold the same sentimental value that they had previously held, or you might want to do a little spring cleaning. Diamond Banc can help with your jewelry conundrum. As one of the leading luxury liquidators in the nation, you can get the highest price for your jewelry in as little as 24 hours after they’ve inspected your items. As a trusted source with a plethora of five-star reviews, you can either take your items directly to one of their locations or ship them to them directly. 

With such prominent and well-known expertise, Diamond Banc was founded by a family of jewelers. With over a century of experience in the jewelry industry, the founders are able to identify and distinguish the quality, value, and brands that will pull the largest offer when you want to borrow against or just sell your items.

Diamond Banc is able to make high offers because their ownership group is composed of several of the largest independently owned diamond retailers in the country whose sales exceed $75 million annually. This unique advantage allows them to pay premium prices for your diamonds as well as sell a significant amount back to the end consumer. In addition, their proprietary selling process includes national diamond dealer auctions and trading platforms. They know which buyers most appreciate which types of diamonds, allowing them to pay you the most. This comprehensive network also allows them to offer accurate and data-driven offers to make sure you’re getting the most of your diamond.Whether you’re looking to sell a half-carat or a ten ct diamond, a Rolex watch, or a piece of luxury jewelry from designers like Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, David Yurman, Diamond Banc is here for you. 

Diamond Banc works with leading industry experts who have worked on the retail side of jewelry at companies like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier. Their team is diverse with a number of different specialties. Some of their buyers have deep knowledge of Rolex and Patek Philip watches, while others specialize in diamonds or fashion jewelry. Nevertheless, each member of their team is trained to ensure that their clients receive the most when looking to sell their jewelry. They approach the jewelry selling process from a data-driven perspective. Diamond Banc checks every factor that could increase the value of your item into consideration. They are passionate about providing the highest offers to their customers.

There are few different options for their liquidation services, and all of their purchase processes are simple, confidential, and fast. For immediate sales, this option is best for those who want to be paid immediately. Diamond Banc will make you a top industry purchase offer for your fine jewelry, luxury watches, and diamonds. They will fund transactions on the spot. From borrowing against your valuables, to effective consignment, Diamond Banc has something for everyone for their needs.

Diamond Banc even offers loan advancements. If you have a loan on your Rolex for ten grand, but you’ve paid all but three grand, you can get an advance on that seven thousand you paid without penalty as long as you pay your interest and your loan is in good standing.

With so many benefits to their processes, Diamond Banc is leading the luxury liquidation industry with high ratings, impeccable communication, and values that have yet to be matched by other companies. Here, the client is respected, heard, and properly informed. Why would you go anywhere else to liquidate your jewelry?