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Ember Capital Group Enables Investors to Sell Their Properties With Existing Tenants

When you are ready to sell your property or home, but still have tenants in your property, don’t worry.  Ember Capital Group has the answers!

Ember Capital’s team understands some homeowners rent some of all of their properties to generate income.  When ready to sell, the timing may not exactly work out.  Rather than trying to sell to a buyer who can’t access the property, sellers can partner with Ember Capital to eliminate that challenge and close fast.

In fact, homeowners count on Ember Capital Group to purchase their properties directly for cash and close within 10-30 days.

Ember Capital Group is able to offer this service given its experience and deep relationships in the residential real estate sector.  They work with investors to purchase and hold properties for income purposes.  They also buy properties for their own portfolio.

CEO Shawn Surani shares how he and his team are able to help clients benefit by working with Ember Capital. “Sellers shouldn’t have to worry about selling because they have tenants in place.  Working with our team, we can buy the property and still accommodate the tenant.” he says.

It is a great time to sell your home with Ember Capital Group.  Their team of highly trained specialists are passionate, flexible, innovative and ready to serve.

Ember Capital Group is currently hiring and is looking for top level individuals to contribute across all departments in their company