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Heirloom Trust and Crypto Wallets for Children: A Wiser Investment than Stocks

Sometimes I honestly wonder what people from two-hundred years ago would think if they could walk around our world today. After they got over our fashions, they would marvel at the cars and the airplanes, of course. Can you imagine explaining a computer or the Internet to them? I doubt I would have the words. All of that, however, pales in comparison to the idea of digital money or cryptocurrency. If I am honest, the reason that would be difficult is because I don’t really understand it myself. It explains why when it comes to creating an inheritance for my children, I am a stocks-and-CDs type of investor. It’s also why when I heard about Heirloom Trust and its crypto wallets, I felt a bit like those ancestors standing in front of a computer: utterly lost. The more I dug into it, though, the more it started to make sense, and I could see why cryptocurrency is a wise investment to make on behalf of younger family members.

At the heart of Heirloom Trust is Cara Cusack, a good-natured, empathetic software technical program manager with twenty years of experience. She’s also a grandmother, and after investing in cryptocurrency and reaping the benefits, she wanted to do the same for her nine grandchildren. There was, however, nothing on the market that could fill this need, so Cara founded Heirloom Trust, innovating an exciting way for growing and passing down wealth to the younger generation.

If you are secretly confused by the whole idea of cryptocurrency, you have found a friend in Cara and Heirloom Trust. She created an extensive primer that explains the answer to every question we have all had at some point. With that knowledge, people then feel more confident about cryptocurrency and better able to understand how purchasing a crypto wallet from Heirloom Trust can benefit the younger people in their lives.

Investing in one of Heirloom Trust’s crypto wallets is very simple. The purchaser will enter the recipient’s identifying information. No one can withdraw the funds until the intended recipients are of legal age to do so. 

The recipient will then be given two things. The first is a physical wallet, which looks and feels just like a coin and is sent to the receiver in a keepsake display and giftbox.  The physical wallet is imprinted with the logo of the cryptocurrency purchased and the deposit address.

The recipient will also receive a digital wallet, which is designed to securely store different cryptocurrencies via the deposit address, which all members of a trustee’s family can deposit into until the recipient is old enough to access, transfer, or withdraw them. The wallet is a one-way purchase, meaning that the purchaser can only deposit into it. They cannot, for example, withdraw any of the money themselves, change their mind about the investment, or do any trading with it. Instead, the cryptocurrency is left to appreciate in value as the years pass, gaining more wealth for the recipient. As the recipient grows older, they are able to view the total amount of accumulated cryptocurrency and its present market value in any world currency by accessing the  Heirloom Trust mobile app and website. 

Security is a crucial part of Heirloom Trust’s crypto wallets. The app backs up the physical wallet in case it is ever lost, stolen, or destroyed and needs to be reprinted. The hardware wallet is unhackable, as it is kept in a safety deposit box at financial institutions and is duplicated for disaster recovery. It means, for example, that if there is a natural disaster in one location and the hardware is lost, there is a backup at another financial institution in a different part of the United States. These contingencies ensure that the crypto funds are completely safe until the recipient turns eighteen, when they can withdraw them and transfer the funds to any account or exchange of their choosing. 

I doubt that if I were standing with a person from 1821, I could explain cryptocurrency to them. I do think, however, that I understand it better now and am no longer so afraid of it. Information is power, especially when you give yourself permission to reread it five or six times and really allow it to settle in your brain. Once you do, you can then look more closely at Heirloom Trust’s crypto wallets and see that you’ve got a very safe, powerful way to leave a strong financial future for the younger members of your family.

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