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Joseph Lizyness on Building Businesses in the Modern Tech Boom

Business-building guru Joseph Lizyness is loving the modern era of tech. He’s a savvy investor, advisor, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast. He believes that the coming era of technology will be one of marvelous progress. He is looking forward to an age of significant advancements in the fields of machine learning, AI, and especially DeFi (decentralized finance). Joseph has built his career around building innovative businesses, and now, he’s making the most of the technological boom by advising or investing in a multitude of exciting tech startups.

Finding the Right Path

Joseph has found success in a wide variety of roles: as a US Army veteran, a business advisor, an angel investor, an author, and a co-founder of Eagle Atlas, a trusted consulting firm. His journey began when he joined the Army at 18, going on to serve 4 years as an intelligence analyst. Though he initially struggled to transition to the civilian world after his time in the Army, he went on to work as a contractor at FBI Quantico, which he felt was “a perfect fit” for him.

Thinking back on the journey so far, Joseph notes that “It’s been kind of a rollercoaster.” In his capacity as a startup advisor, Joseph offers guidance to tech startups on raising equity crowdfunding through sites like,, and As an angel investor, he supported prominent tech startups such as Snowball, a company that is currently changing the world with decentralized finance.

A Storied Career of Success

His successes as an investor and advisor have brought him some renown, and with his extensive experience and credentials, it’s obvious that he’s worked hard to earn it. In college, he earned an MBA with a concentration in Management, as well as a BS in Business Administration. He’s been a consultant to the US Government in various roles, particularly in Project Management, and he sits on several advisory boards. 

Joseph is now the proud co-founder of Eagle Atlas, a consulting firm that specializes in advising clients on setting productive goals, making big career changes, and running companies of various sizes and stages of development. Their goal is to help individuals and companies find the right direction and maximize their potential. Eagle Atlas offers an online Blueprint to Success tool to help individuals and companies of all sizes obtain their goals. The blueprint is available for all to use on their website.

Changing the Angel Investment Game

Joseph released his first book, Angel Investing with $100, in February of this year. In it, he teaches readers how to accumulate generational wealth through investments in tech startups. He hopes that the book will show ordinary people that entering the realm of investment is more accessible than most people think, and it can benefit more than just the rich. With this, Joseph hopes not only to inspire a new generation of investors, but to spark a new influx of cash for the next wave of tech companies; in this way, he can make a much wider impact on the growth of the tech industry as a whole.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the tech industry, it’s important to stay informed and to take steps to keep yourself (and your businesses) ahead of the curve. Joseph keeps a watchful eye on developments in the tech industry, always scanning for opportunities. He is particularly excited about recent advancements in VR technology and Facebook’s proposed Metaverse. “It’s amazing,” he says. “Every day, you wake up and learn about some amazing new technology that is revolutionizing an industry or solving a problem that we never thought could be solved. It’s a wonderful time to be working in the tech space.” For now, Joseph will be keeping an eye out for problems that need innovative technical solutions.

Check out Joseph Lizyness on his website and on LinkedIn. You can follow him on Twitter @josephlizyness or Instagram @lizynessj. His articles can be found on Medium and his book, Angel Investing with $100, can be found on Amazon. See how Eagle Atlas can help you at