Toronto SmallCap

Model/Actress Taiba Sheheryar, Exciting Customers at Rol San in Toronto

At the Rol San, I saw Taiba Sheyheyar, who is making a lot of waves in the fashion world and in Hollywood for her exciting work in shows, music videos, commercials, and movies. Her reputation as a fashionista and runway star clearly preceded her, as many heads turned when she walked into the restaurant.

The fashion leader was smartly dressed as always in a beige Wilfred light-cropped cardigan and a pair of high waist, flare pants. She was keeping her feet dry and warm, safe from Toronto’s cold snow, with a pair of Red leather boots by Lintervalle. Her hands were protected from the winter’s frigid temperatures by a pair of black gloves. Her black hair was secured with a silver barrette. After she finished eating, she graciously stopped to take pictures and chat with fans before leaving to return to the set of her latest short film.