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What Eddie Neam Can Do For Up and Coming Musicians

Eddie Neam has worked in the music industry for more than ten years. He has worked with record labels, artists and management such as Def Jam Recordings, Interscope Records, Empire Distribution and Deathrow Records. He also has more than five years of experience in the music promotion industry, working with band directors and artists to find and obtain suitable venues. He has been moving forward for five years or more when he seeks to continue to help artists improve and become famous in a highly competitive industry. 

In terms of promoting artists, Neam is good at negotiating prices and advertising campaigns (radio, TV, Internet, print media), while ensuring that artists have everything they need, from accommodation to auditions. He also has the working knowledge of managing promotion fees, audition date/time, performance duration, and other entertainment contract guidelines required by specific artists. 

Eddie Neam spent seven years establishing his own brand. He started from scratch and said that the most important thing that allowed him to come today is a handshake and smile. These handshakes and smiles have established a network of opportunities for him to move on. “Your network is the most valuable thing in this field,” he said. “Never burn a bridge with someone you know, because you never know what that person will become in 5 years.”

According to Neam , a Def Jam Recordings music executive reportedly informed him that cooperation is what propels individuals forward in the industry. Neam  has built a network of clients, musicians, and major record labels over the course of his ten-plus years in the music industry. He now has a network of friends without whom he claims he would not be where he is today.

Eddie Neam‘s marketing and promotion of big recordings has earned him gold and multi-platinum certification. YFN Lucci featuring PnB Rock’s “Everyday We Lit,” which was certified gold after reaching at #12 on the Billboard hip-hop charts, and Tyga featuring Offset’s “Taste,” which peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 2018, are two of these hit singles. This includes collaborating with Def Jam Recordings to promote Kanye West’s music. Neam  has also propelled independent albums to the top of the mediabase rankings.

Today, Neam  provides services to independent artists and producers, such as marketing campaigns. He says, “I want to assist them get their music projects out there professionally while they’re still independent.” Neam also manages tours for musicians and producers that are just starting out with their careers.

Neam believes he has found his calling in the music industry, and he attributes his present success and desire to achieve more to that calling. He defines success as “following your only mission in life.” “Knowing who you are in this world and what you can do to bring positive energy into the globe. I believe you are successful when you feel that you are using all of the instruments that the universe offers for the greater good of bringing peace to our world.”

As the director of public relations for Rotary International of Cape Henry, Neam  also gives artists public relations expertise. He helps residents of his Virginia Beach neighborhood promote themselves in that profession, but the same techniques can be used to musicians.

The music industry is complicated, and Neam  takes pleasure in being able to assist musicians and producers in navigating the difficulties. Even in an era where creativity is simpler than ever before, it takes more than just sitting in a booth and recording a song to have success. You can make a song famous on TikTok or in a viral tweet, but it’ll take someone like Eddie Neam  to get it on the Billboard charts and on the radio.

Eddie Neam sees his role as assisting musicians in getting their music out there, whether it’s through the airways, streaming, or social media. It’s part of a larger sense of purpose in his life that propels him to a higher degree of success.

Photos courtesy of Peter Squicciarini from Dark Light Visuals