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What is the Secret to Akeen Downer’s Success?

Akeen Downer is a public figure, musician, comedian, influencer, and now director. In the digital age of relevance and media attention, he has no trouble keeping up with other figures as he continues to grow in his followers, and his content creation. “This job still requires me to stay focused, plan things out, and make sure I am going after the right forms of attention,” he says.

As a musical artist, he is able to truly connect with that side of his influence. The Bronx native is taking care of business as he continues to maintain and grow in his career and as an artist on the R&B scene. For other facets to his influence, Akeen creates his own content for instagram and his comedy to connect with more of his audience. His reach is far and wide since he was featured in a few prominent news outlets such as Worldstar and the Daily News.

“I can connect with people with my music, my comedy and skits, and my influence,” he states. “But it’s all about the connection that I get to make with my audience.” Akeen is taking over with his music, skits and unique talents, captivating both younger and older audiences alike. He is best known for his laid-back style and dynamic presence. “Doing what I do with my music and influence is a great tool to build my experience, and create more opportunities to expand my reach. I work hard and that’s a big part of my reputation,” he says. During the course of Akeen’s successful music career as a Hip Hop and R&B artist, he has won a performance hosted by Hip Hop Mike from Hot 97 and looks forward to further expanding his musical career across different audiences and platforms. Akeen has a new track called “Killers” and “Craven” under his rapper persona, Keemy Uptown. 

Akeen has collaborated with various other instagram influencers entertaining the public with comedy and talents. His funny videos have gone viral reaching some of the top brands.His instagram videos are reaching countless people and he capitalizes on this with his #ViralGang apparel and merch. Going viral on instagram is more difficult than it seems and Akeen has found his way around the app with the help from his comedic skits and over 14K followers. Akeen started acting at 23 and started rapping when he was 21 years old. He had many influential people around him that helped motivate him into starting his career. He says that his childhood helped mold him into the person he is today and ultimately provided him the strength and determination to launch his career. 

Through rap and comedy, Akeen later grew a passion for film. With hard work and the building of his careers, he decided to try directing and is now one of the film directors for an upcoming movie called “CORY”. The film is about a girl that goes on a one-night stand with a rapper named Cory. In the film, Cory is crazy in love with her but finds out that she is in a relationship and shenanigans ensue. The film is set to release this year.

“Getting to rap and direct, and make comedy skits is something I love doing and I’m so grateful for all of these opportunities,” Akeen says. “Following my passion was what got me here along with focused work and a little help along the way.” He loves what he does and recommends others follow their passions in life because that is where your success lies.